SetSail BizAccel Business Plan Competition 2022 - University Category

Friday (16/12), SetSail BizAccel, President University (Presuniv) business incubator, held a Hybrid Business Plan Competition with the theme Promoting Innovation from Education and Institutions. Nineteen teams from all over Indonesia attended the national-level competition in the university category. The judges in this event were Felix Goenadhi, S. Psi., M. Par., lecturer at the Presuniv Business Faculty, Fajrin Aziz, Pandahos Co-Founder, and Klemens B. Rahardja, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author & Mentor.

Attempting to Gain Pitching Experience at Setsail BizAccel

On Monday, 7 November 2022, SetSail BizzAccel re-implemented the Pitching Day activity. This activity was led by a business group of President University students who were chosen for the Ready SetSail 2nd Batch. Ready Set Sail is one of the incubation programs that seeks to identify students' business potential and requires them to create a pitch deck. The Pitching Day is one of the activities in the incubator program which helps to develop the students President University’s business in the funds fields.

President University Inaugurates Its Business Incubator 'SetSail BizAccel'

President University (PresUniv) introduces its new established business incubator, SetSail BizAccel, which is located in Medical Science Center, Jababeka City, Cikarang. As a part pf GITA Erasmus activities, this event was attended by Rector of PresUniv, Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, SE., M.M., M.A, Vice Rector for Academics, Ir. Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D, Vice Rector for Communications and Partnerships, Handa S. Abidin, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D, mentors of SetSail, such as Ex-COO and CMO of OLX, Alif Priyono, Director of SetSail BizAccel and School of Business lecturers, Adhi Setyo Santoso, and over 60 people including lecturers and students.

Minister of Tourism Republic of Indonesia Becomes Guest Lecture in President University and Inaugurates BizAccel Business Incubator

President University hosted Dr. Ir. Arief Yahya, M.Sc., Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in the Presidential Lecture event titled "Indonesian Tourism & Entrepreneurship: Between Local Business Creation and Global Competition" and held at Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University (25/9). As a part pf GITA Erasmus activities, This event was hosted by Dwi Larso, Ph.D, Vice Rector for Academic, President University, and attended by Dr. H.M Ahman Sya, Deputy for Institutional Development of Tourism, hotel general managers, some businessman from several companies around Jababeka area, and more than 400 lecturers and students.

SetSail BizAccel’s “Unboxing Day”

Business Incubator of President University, SetSail BizAccel, held Unboxing Day on Friday as a part pf GITA Erasmus activities, on June 21, 2019. On this day, new equipment arrived and ready to be used by all President University students. Several high technology equipments such as 3D printer, digital touch signage, smart board, mobile applications development tool, robotic tool, drone, and others were displayed and engrossed to be tried.

Business Incubator Supports Students to be Entrepreneur

President University is committed to prepare entrepreneur students who are ready to build their own business after graduating. Setsail, a business incubator is the proof of this commitment, as a part pf GITA Erasmus activities. It provides counseling, teaching and mentoring for the students who want to open their business. Adhi Setyo Santoso, Business Administration lecturer is currently directing the unit which was founded in 2016.

Kaesang Pangarep, Putri Indonesia Bunga Jelitha, Youtuber Rius Vernandes among the Line Up of Professionals Who Enlivened the Creative Digital Entrepreneur President University

President Development Center (PDC) in collaboration with Internship and Career Center (ICC) President University held a seminar, as a part pf GITA Erasmus activities, with the theme,  "Start Your Career and Learn to Develop Your Own Business in Entrepreneurship conference entitled Creative Digital Entrepreneur (CDE) has successfully been held by a group of students of International Business Class Management Study Program President University today (30/11) at President University Convention Center (PUCC).

A Peek at How it Feels like to be Invited in Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social networking app that recently seen as the embodiment of Silicon Valley's obsession with introducing its lifestyle: exclusive, limited, and filled with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) nuances. In this pandemic condition like now, FOMO or the fear of being left behind thickens. Everyone wants to be directly involved in every digital phenomenon that occurs. Whether in the form of reaction content, dancing videos, or just a short commentary (

Vidio & GoPlay vs Foreign VOD

The arrival of foreign platforms, such as Netflix and Disney+ has made the competition heat up. The platform managers are now also starting to produce original content that involves domestic filmmakers, to screen local films. This means that having original content is now a necessity, no longer a differentiating factor.

How to Determine Is There a Market for Your Business Idea?

According, the easiest way to find out how many people are looking to buy your product is to create a validation website to get registrations or pre-orders. This website will be your main source of information in terms of why users buy or not buy your products? How often your customers use your specific products or features? They understand your product as well as they should? If you determine the price, it’s truly reflects the value you provide for them.

The Things that Startup Founders Need to Know Before Pivoting

A book The Lean Startup defines pivots are "structured corrections designed to test fundamentally new hypotheses about products, strategies and growth engines." Thus, pivots usually occur when companies make fundamental changes to their business after determining (usually through market research) that their products do not meet the desired market needs, known as product market fit (

Can Your Startup be a Solution to User Problems?

Currently, many startups claim that their ideas and innovations can change the world for the better. There are those who are successful, but there are also many who cannot execute properly the startup ideas they have. Based that meme on instagram @startup_joke account, which is something that we can absolutely agree, many founders are often too focused on making some random baseless startup ideas rather than looking for solution to problems faced by real users.

GoMart Return for Weekly Shopping Needs

GoMart was first launched in late 2015. This service allows users to purchase products from partner shops or merchants on the Gojek application. However, in 2018 this service was temporarily closed. Gojek wants to develop GoMart so that it can offer more flexibility as well as improve the consumer experience and have a better impact on merchant partners. (

Challenges for Agricultural Startups in Indonesia

Startups can be an alternative solution for various agricultural problems in Indonesia. Not only good for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is completely digital and automatic, the existence of agricultural startups is also expected to be able to eliminate traditions that are detrimental to farmers, such as middlemen and collectors.

Watch out! Fake Clubhouse App Ready To Steal Your Data

In the previous edition I've written about a new audio-based social media app called Clubhouse. This application was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Paul Davison, and former Google employee, Rohan Seth. Clubhouse based audio chat, much like radio talk in a conference call. The Clubhouse application is currently only available on the iPhone. The Android version is still under development. So, if there is a Clubhouse application for Android, it is definitely a hoax (

Interested in Building a Beauty Startup? Here are the Opportunities!

Do you know, according to, the market potential for beauty and personal care products in Indonesia could reach US$8,46 billion (around Rp120 trillion) by 2022. On average, Indonesians only pay US$24 (around Rp314,000) per year to buy beauty products. This figure is indeed lower than other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia and the Philippines. However, due to the large population, the country's beauty market potential is very attractive.

Is It Necessary for Online Driver to Become a Permanent Employee?

Not many know that by mid-March 2021 some 70.000 British taxi drivers, previously partnered, will become permanent employees of Uber Technologies. They will receive benefits, minimum wages, salaries and pension funds. With this new policy, according to Uber, drivers will be able to plan their future. Chief Executive Uber Dara Khosrowshashi said, this works platform is likely differ in a number of countries (

Shhh, Air Asia secretly wants to enter the ride hailing service!

AirAsia founder and CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said the service would be available after the corona pandemic was over. "We will soon launch a ride-hailing service in Malaysia," he said as quoted from, at the end of last March. Air Asia also wants to be a one-stop-shop portal to meet various needs of the community, from flights, overnight stays, shopping, to chatting in one application (

New Startups Challenges to Attract Gen Z

FuturePlay survey results also show that about 62% of Gen Z respondents in the country are interested in non-cash transaction activities, because of the convenience it offers. Apart from being fairly concise, this payment method is also considered to offer its own advantages thanks to discounted price promos and a point system.

Barriers If Your Startup Has No Legality

The term startup is often associated with businesses in the digital world or technology-based businesses. This is because most companies that call themselves startups use electronic systems based on websites or applications in running their business and dealing with their customers. Websites or applications used by startup companies are referred to as electronic systems. By utilizing electronic systems in the form of websites and applications, and internet networks, startup companies can reach a wider range of consumers. In addition, with a startup website or application, consumers can easily recognize the startup's identity. So do not be surprised if at this time many companies that originally ran their business offline then switched or expanded their business by including online-based services (

How Important is Market Penetration for Startups?

Market penetration is a growth strategy whereby a company concentrates on expanding its market share. This is done by attracting new customers, grabbing customers from competitors, or attracting customers who are not currently using the product. Market penetration is carried out, among other things, by charging lower prices and intensifying promotion more broadly.

The Rise of Indonesia's Online Grocery

The increasing popularity of online grocery, especially shopping for household necessities online, which is driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of large-scale social restrictions. This phenomenon is predicted to boost growth of the e-commerce sector in Indonesia. A survey by management consulting firm Redseer in August 2020 found that more than half of Indonesian respondents said their spending on e-grocery platforms had increased during the pandemic. Then, as many as 60% respondents said they would continue buying shooping online in the future (

Gita Erasmus News

PDC X ICC X GITA Erasmus: Start Your Career and Learn to Develop Your Own Business in Pandemic Era

President Development Center (PDC) in collaboration with Internship and Career Center (ICC) President University held a webinar with the theme "Start Your Career and Learn to Develop Your Own Business in Pandemic Era" last Friday (26/6). This event was held as a part pf GITA Erasmus activities. 

Indonesian Universities In Collaboration With Four European Universities In Creating Entrepreneurs

According to Ministry of Industry data, currently, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia has reached 3.1% of the entire population. This ratio has exceeded international standards which set at 2%. However, that is not enough to lead Indonesia to become a developed country.

GITA Team of President University Participated in Business Incubator Training

The Growing Indonesia Triangular Approach (GITA) Team from President University Adhi Setyo Santoso, S.T., MBA. and Rendika Nugraha, an MBA attended a business incubator management training held by the Erasmus Plus GITA Project. This training was held at Brawijaya University, Malang on 8-9 April 2019. With the title “Set Up a University Incubation Program -A Learning-by-Doing Workshop”, Alexander Knapp and his team from the University of Innsbruck, Austria was present to explain the management of Growth Hub which will be had by each university of GITA member.

GITA Erasmus+ : Capacity Building in Higher Education

Two lecturers of President University, Adhi Setyo Santoso and Ihsan Hadiansah President University participated in a workshop form Erasmus+ themed "Growing Indonesia: Triangular Approach (GITA)" on 19-20 July 2018 in Universitas Islam Indonesia and Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta. Approximately 40 people from 11 domestic and international universities.

Entrepreneurial University and Three Point of Views

To measure and realize higher education institution as Entrepreneurial University can be done using GITA approach. What is GITA? GITA is an abbreviation of Growing Indonesia: a Triangular Approach, an approach supported by Erasmus, a commission in the European Union that supports activities in education, training, youth and sports in various countries. The word triangular here refers to three points of view, which are the close cooperation between universities and corporations, have a curriculum on entrepreneurship, and employability of graduates.

President University Visited Growth Hub of the University of Gloucestershire, England

President University visited Growth Hub of the University of Gloucestershire, England on 12 April 2018, as a part pf GITA Erasmus activities. The representatives from President University were the Rector of President University Prof. Dr. Jony Oktavian Haryanto, the Director of Setsail BizAccel (Business Incubator at President University) Adhi Setyo Santoso, S.T., MBA., and the Head of Partnerships Bureau Marissa Astika, B. Sc., M.B.A.

Entrepreneur University: What is the measurement?

is there any other parameter that can be used to measure how far a university develops its potency to innovate the entrepreneurship? To answer some of the questions, University of Gloucestershire (UoG), England, collaborated with President University (PresUniv) to hold a workshop which discuss this matter. The topic is "Growing Indonesia - A Triangular Approach (GITA)", as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. 

Entrepreneurial Learning Outcome in the Syllabus Socialization

Considering the importance of entrepreneurship in improving the economic prosperity of a country, President University continues to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia by creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere at the university. This effort was carried out by conducting an entrepreneurial learning outcome in the syllabus socialization. The socialization was held on October 23, 2019, at President University, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. 

President University Supports the Development of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Indonesia

Entrepreneurship has an important role to support Indonesia’s economy due to its ability to form independent and creative citizens, also draw investors to Indonesia which leads to the increase of national income. In order to support the economic growth in Indonesia, President University participates in efforts to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia by creating an entrepreneurial atmosphere at the university through the university's business incubator named Setsail Biz-Accel and entrepreneurship courses. President University also took part in the Erasmus+ Capacity Building program in the field of Higher Education entitled Growing Indonesia: A Triangular Approach (GITA) which was initiated by the European Union.

President University Acquires Another Prestigious Grant from European Union for Indonesian Higher Education Leadership (iHiLead) Project

President University has received another prestigious grant at the international level from the European Union for the third time through the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education program. Previously, President University has received a grant for the GITA (Growing Indonesia: a Triangular Approach) project which focuses on developing entrepreneurship in universities in 2017 and the BUiLD (Building Universities in Leading Disaster Resilience) project which focuses on disaster management in 2019.

Faculty of Business Holds Business Insight II: Women and the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Faculty of Business, President University (PresUniv), held a Business Insight Series II webinar (international edition), Monday (29/3), as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. The webinar which was held in the context of International Women's Day raised the theme Challenges to Diversity and Inclusion during Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond. There are two topics that specifically discussed the condition of women during the pandemic and were delivered by Ms. Pomi Moges, policy/program analyst at Women, Peace and Security, UN Women Indonesia, and Dr. Juliana Mutum, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Consultant, Program Migrant Women, Melbourne, Australia.

Aricsya, alumnus of President University Shares Experience in Career Building

As a part of GITA Erasmus activities, the Admissions Bureau, President University (PresUniv), held another Alumni Talk, Sunday (21/3). This time, the Alumni Talk entitled "How to Improve Your Career Development" presented Aricsya NP Yolandari, SOX Analyst Assistant Manager, Bank Danamon Indonesia, as the speaker. Aricsya is an Alumni of the Accounting Study Program, batch 2015.

VICF 2021: The Importance of Growth Mindset, Ethics and Behavior in Careers

Why are growth mindsets, ethics and attitude important in our career paths? This topic was discussed by Bagus Harimawan, Chief of Human Resources, Commonwealth Bank, in the Virtual Internship & Career Fair (VICF) 2021, Wednesday (24/3). VICF is an annual event organized by the Bureau of Internship & Career Center (ICC), President University (PresUniv). "This event is a part if GITA Erasmus activities, in order to facilitate students who are looking for internships or graduates who want a career as professionals," said JB Susetiyo, Director of ICC. About 200 participants from various study programs and batch attended this event.

The Importance of Value for Startup Businesses

Nowadays building a business is quite easy, but the difficult is maintaining and growing it. This material was discussed in the webinar Pioneering Innovative Business: Practical Experience of Building a Startup Business and Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic, Saturday (20/3). The webinar was a part of GITA Erasmus activities, and also organized by Master Management Technology (MM Tech), President University (PresUniv), presented the speaker Rangga Warsita Aji, CEO of PT Algaepark Indonesia Mandiri, a company based on microalgae/spirulina technology, guided by Dr. Ir. Tatang Akhmad Taufik M.Sc, MM Tech lecturer, PresUniv.

Kevin Subowo: During the Pandemic, the DailyBox Business Grew Instead

Many entrepreneur have experienced a decline in sales, some even closed their businesses, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, the Food & Beverage (F&B) business. However, DailyBox, an F&B company that focuses on rice box, has survived and its business is growing. Their outlets continue to grow and spread in various cities in Indonesia. In the webinar that also a part of GITA Erasmus activities, “How to Grow Business During Pandemic”, Saturday (20/3), Kevin Subowo, Co-Founder and CEO of DailyBox, shared experiences and strategies that were carried out by DailyBox, so that it developed during the pandemic. The webinar organized by the Management Study Program, President University (PresUniv), was guided by Dr. Alexander Suwinto Johan, lecturer at PresUniv, and attended by Dr. Dra. Genoveva, MM, Program Leader of Management Study Program, PresUniv.

Amir Amirrudin Shares Experience Building Investree

The fintech business is overgrowing in Indonesia. Investree is a company in investment or capital loans and has been supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK). What is the Investree business profile? For this reason, President University (PresUniv) held a webinar, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, featuring Amir Amirrudin, the Co-Founder of Investree, Friday (05/03).

Climate-Tech Start-Up: Entrepreneurship to Overcome Environmental Problems

Climate change is a complex issue. To control it requires the involvement of many stakeholders: government, community, corporations, and many more. This issue was discussed in the webinar that was also a part of GITA Erasmus activities, "Best Practices on Climate-tech Start-Up and Sustainable Entrepreneurship to Promote Climate Justice", Friday (26/2). The webinar, a collaboration between President University (PresUniv) with FNF Indonesia and the Climate Institute, presented five speakers, namely M. Sigit Andhi Rahman, International Relations Study Program Lecturer at PresUniv, Rendika Nugraha, mentor at Setsail BizAccel PresUniv, Sabrina Mustopo, CEO and founder of Krakakoa, Melodie Lee, head of CSR for Sun Energy, and Hana Nur Auliana, head of Communications for Waste4Change.

Career Opportunities in the Digital Era

The digital era affects all aspects of human life. We are required to be able to adapt to these technological advances. If you can adapt, career opportunities will be more open, and vice versa. This material was discussed in the webinar that was also a part of GITA Erasmus activities, "Golden Opportunity Millennia Towards Post-Pandemic World Competition", Monday (22/2). The webinar, which was organized by President University (PresUniv), presented the speaker, Dr Ir. H. Erman Suparno MBA, M.Si, Minister of Manpower and Transmigration (2006-2009), and Major General TNI (Purn) Sumardi, Governor Akmil (2013-2015). The webinar was hosted by Prof. Dr Komarudin Hidayat, Chancellor of the International Islamic University of Indonesia

Emotional Intelligence Course: “Building Key Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs”

This year the Ministry of Education and Culture launched a new program, namely the Independent Campus. President University strongly supports the new program by presenting an Emotional Intelligence course to instill and develop students' soft skills. This course has held several interesting lessons; one is through a webinar as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, entitled "Building Key Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs". Through this, students are allowed to learn firsthand through the experiences of Dimas Harry Priawan, founder and CEO of Dekoruma, who is a successful entrepreneur at a fairly young age.

Charles Lim, President University alumni Shares Stories on Founding IDexpress Indonesia

The digital era makes e-commerce business grow rapidly. This was stated by Charles Lim, Alumnus of the Business Administration (BA) study program, President University (PresUniv), who became Founder and CEO of IDexpress Indonesia. Charles shared his experiences through Tagar Tv Youtube channel as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, Thursday (31/12). He explained that logistics is a major obstacle in e-commerce business. This obstacle then turned into an opportunity. Equipped with knowledge during PresUniv's lectures, such as Principles of Management and Supply Chain Management, as well as experience working at one of the largest logistics companies in Indonesia, Charles then decided to build his own logistics company, IDexpress Indonesia. Currently, IDexpress is a shipping company with a management system with leading technology.

President University student, Firman Yusuf Won 2020 Santripreneur Award Nomination

Firman Yusuf, a student of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program batch 2018, President University (PresUniv), has successfully nominated as a Creative Business Nominee in the 2020 Santripreneur Award through the sociopreneur, Cococreative. Santipreneur Award is an award to santri entrepreneurs held by the Indonesian Santripreneur Institute. The announcement of Firman's nomination was announced on Saturday (19/12). Cococreative is also one of SetSail's tenants as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. 

How to Master Business on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media for people looking for references for the products they want to buy. Moreover, Instagram has interesting features. Unfortunately, there are still many business actors who do not fully understand how to do business on Instagram. This condition made President University (PresUniv) hold a webinar as a part of GITA Erasmus activities with the speaker Andy Gondowijoyo, owner of @info_surabaya, Saturday (28/11). Andy explained the material "Level Up Your Business Through Instagram". Andy has been doing business through Instagram since 2013.

Alumni Sharing Session: Corporation vs StartUp

There are still many university graduates who are confused about choosing a career path. Do you want to work in a start-up company or corporation? This material was discussed by the Management Study Program, President University (PresUniv), in the webinar "Career in Start-Up vs Established Company: Alumni Perspective", Monday (30/11) as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. This webinar presented two speakers from PresUniv alumni, namely Aris Akbar, now Head of Marketing at, and Romanus Angga Pradipta, Talent Acquisition The webinar was hosted by Khoirul Khuluq, also a PresUniv alumnus who is now the Managing Director of PT Gritama Solusi Talenta and also a lecturer at the Management Study Program, PresUniv.

Endi Haryono: Entrepreneurship as a Solution in the Middle of a Pandemic

Limited economic activity in the middle of Covid-19 has harmed Indonesia's economic growth. What is the solution? This material was discussed in the National Webinar of the Communication Forum of the Dean and the Chairperson of the School of Social and Political Sciences (FK-DKISIP) organized by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Sangga Buana YPKP University, Bandung, West Java. The webinar aims to find the best solutions from business and socio-political science experts in Indonesia. This webinar with the theme "Strategi Bisnis Pada Masa Pandemi dan Ancaman Resesi Ekonomi" was held on Saturday (21/11) and broadcasted live through the Youtube channel, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. 

Setsail BizAccel Ready to Support the Creation of Young Entrepreneurs from Campus Environment

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed had a destructive impact on many sectors, especially the economy. Nevertheless, the pandemic has driven President University students to keep being creative and making business innovations. This was proven in the Business Model Competition held by Setsail BizAcell, the business incubator of President University, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. In the event that was held last week, Sunday (8/11) to Friday (13/11), 87 groups were participating, and 35 of them qualified to become finalists.

Setsail BizAccel Held Business Modeling Competition

SetSail BizAccel, the business incubator of President University, held a Business Modeling Competition as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. The event held for a week, 8-13 November 2020, aimed to help student startups find investors. Attending this online competition is Director of SetSail BizAccel, Dr. Adhi Setyo Santoso, M.BA., and caregiver of this program, Rendika Nugraha, M.BA., along with several investors. 

Smart Trash Bin: An Innovation by President University Students

Muhammad Haekal Nizar Bahari and Kevin Mulia Christian, both are from Environmental Engineering Study Program 2017, and Muhammad Argo Wicaksana from Management Study Program 2017. Under the Setsail BizAccel, a business incubator owned by President University, they created Olahaja, a smart trash bin product, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities.  One of the advantages of Olahaja is its touchless feature, which enables the users to open the trash can without touching it. A wave sensor will be able to detect so that the trash bin will open automatically without any touch. This feature will undoubtedly reduce the risk of waste disposal to contract the COVID-19 virus.

Sharing Session from President University Senior Students Regarding Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing

President University students who are participating in the start-up class and digital business development internship at the President Research Center (PRC) attended a sharing session from Sania Irfania Goenawan.This session was conducted online, where approximately 50 students participated in this event. This event is one of the programs led by Dr. Adhi Setyo Santoso, MBA, lecturer who is also the Director of PRC and 
Setsail BizAcell, the business incubator of President University as a part of GITA Erasmus activities. 
Meanwhile, Sania is a student of the Business Administration Study Program from batch 2017.

Logistics Digitalization as the Answer to Facing Challenges in the New Normal Era

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people prefer to do online transaction instead of going to public places or shopping centers. Therefore, the logistics and supply chain industry in Indonesia will face several challenges. To further discuss it, President University's Internship and Career Center held a webinar as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, entitled "Potret Masa Depan Industri Logistik dan Supply Chain Indonesia di Era New Normal" on Friday, 18 September 2020. This webinar specifically invited two experts, Zaldy Ilham Masita, Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association, and Benny Woenardi, Managing Director at Cikarang Dry Port.

Managing Health or Economic Problem in the Midst of Pandemic, Can It Be Done Simultaneously?

 The President Development Center held an online seminar as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, entitled "Economy vs Health: Quo Vadis" last week (17/9). This event invited national figures who discussed in detail the economic and health issues caused by this pandemic. Talking from the health perspective, there were two speakers, namely Prof. Dr. dr. David Handojo Muljono, Sp.PD, an infectious disease expert from the Eijkman Institute and dr. Yuswanto Setyawan, SpPD., a health practitioner. Meanwhile, from an economic point of view, there are Christianto Wibisono, a well-known business and economic observer in Indonesia and Dr. Bayu Prawira Hie, management and digital transformation expert who were present at the seminar.

Developing an Online Business in the Middle of Pandemic

Setsail BizAccel, a business incubator founded by President University (PresUniv), held a webinar, as a part of GITA Erasmus activities, “How to Improve Online Business in Covid-19 Pandemic”, Monday (15/3). This webinar presented Patricia Muljadi, Xendit's Inbound Sales Lead, and Shri Prabu Adityawarman, Bhinneka's Head of Platform Growth. Xendit is a financial technology (fintech) company that provides payment infrastructure, while Bhinneka is an e-commerce company that focuses on Business-to-Business (B2B).