Start-Up Teams

Meet our Start-Up Teams developed by President University students from across faculty and study Program with various industries from Fashion, Food and Beverages, Industrial Services, and Technology Based Start-Up.

(June 2022-December 2022)

Ready Set Sail is a 6 months business incubation program for President University Students presented by Setsail BizAccel. Aiming to develop Entrepreneurship Ecosystem within President University by creating Academic Entrepreneurs, there are three sectors in Ready Set Sail business incubation program which are SMEs/Creative Industry, Tech-Start-Up, Social Enterprise.

Ariska Kids Store store is a retailer of baby gift that will help busy couple worker and friends get better that socially fit, suitable and less effort for wrap gifts for babies.


Daffoody is business that produce Indonesian snack with high standard taste with affordable price.

Fandom Kits

Fandom Kits ID is an online business that offers products and services to people who want to buy fandom goods from other countries easily.


5x.Project is a business that has privoted from mountain clothing to fashion rework and each product has a uniqueness, namely a different QR Code

Solar Portable Corp

Solar portable corp is a breakthrough to reduce household electricity bills, which are increasing every year, which is caused by additional electronic devices, which of course adds to the electricity bill in the following month.


Tofuzen is a pioneer dessert company that uses Tofu as a Substitute. Tofuzen wants to make a difference, by adding tofu to chocolate, made especially for those who want to maintain their health and Tofuzen products are packaged with a value that worth to buy.


Trayouw is a Creative Agency bussiness. This bussines idea came because of the founder want  to try to utilize and combine our hobbies in the field of writing and illustration into business.

Stressed Sloths

A game company that contain 4 university students with the same interest and different skills who want to make game.

Joscoffee Sidikalang

Coffee with certification standards to foster consumer confidence in consuming products that are safe and can compete in national and international markets.


A Mobile App where users can get to know more about their own skin in seconds with some skin photos. 

Good Morning Bakery

A Mid-level bakery, aiming to serve as a place where consumers do not just simply buy bread and coffee, instead, a place where people gather with each other in a free common space.

Kongko Creative Media

Kongko Creative Media provide additional supports besides ideas, guidance, and exposure, such as financing, equipments, and human resources for content creators.

Our Alumni

After went through long journey, These Start-Ups were successfully graduated from our existing Incubation Program and manage to sustain and grow their business to the next level.

Jurus Kitchen

Healthy Catering Service

Madu Sedot

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Thein Coffe

food and beverage


Woman Clothing

 Mental Health consulting

Artha Adventure


Lele Up Level

The Wings'O

food and beverage


Kampung Kembang Tourism

Olah Aja

Waste Management Technology


Baenggo House

PT. Ooki Surya Robot Indonesia

Robotic Tools Maintenance

Nozomi Gakkou

Nun Madu